Roseanne cancellation: Comedian considers forgoing profits so spin-off can go ahead

PRODUCERS are moving toward an agreement that would allow them to go ahead with a Roseanne spin-off, the New York Post’s Page Six has learned, because Roseanne Barr is “seriously considering” forgoing any profits from the new show.

It was a huge blow to the cast, crew and fans of the blockbuster revival — not to mention the network — when ABC cancelled it because of creator Barr’s racist tweets.

The idea of creating a spin-off — possibly focusing on another family member — that would allow the team to carry on without Barr quickly surfaced.

media_cameraRoseanne Barr is reportedly considering forgoing profits so a spin-off can go ahead. Picture: ABC/Adam Rose

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But many, including one of its showrunners, Whitney Cummings, baulked at the idea that Barr would profit from the new version.

We’re told Barr is now open to cutting herself out of a spin-off entirely.

A source close to the disgraced comic — who says she is “hunkered down” with her parents in Utah — tells us, “Roseanne feels so bad about her antics she is trying to figure out a way to help people harmed by the cancellation.

“She’s considering giving up financial and creative participation in a spin-off so the people she loves can have jobs. Barr holding on is a stumbling block.”

media_cameraRoseanne previously said she was “making restitution” for the problems she caused. Picture: ABC/Robert Trachtenberg

Speculation abounds about which character would be at the centre of the spin-off, but insiders tell us, “The smart money is on Darlene [Conner] and her family.”

Last week, Barr tweeted, “I’m making restitution for the pain I have caused.”

A rep for Barr didn’t get back to us, and ABC declined to comment.

Barr was fired in May after tweeting a series of distasteful remarks, including one that said, of African-American Democratic operative Valerie Jarrett, “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=[Jarrett].”

Cummings told TMZ, “I don’t really have words at the moment, but maybe they can salvage the legacy in some way. But if it benefits [Barr] financially … it’s a bad move.”

This story first appeared in the New York Post and has been republished here with permission.

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