Queen Naija Announces Pregnancy With “Friend” Clarence 4 Months After Divorcing Chris Sails

Well, that was fast! Popular YouTube personality Queen Naija just surprised her fans with big news on her latest video. She’s having a baby with her “friend” Clarence and she just got divorced four months ago.

Queen built her following on YouTube by doing funny videos with her now ex-husband Chris Sails, and they split earlier this year after being married for years after he cheated on her multiple times.

The couple, who have a young son together, divorced back in April. And after leaving Chris, Queen released a song called “Medicine” which has been doing fairly well on the radio and even charted on Billboard. Clarence played “Chris” in the video.

In a recent interview with Ebro from Hot 97, Queen said she felt as though her ex-husband was jealous of her singing career, and she also refused to call Clarence her boyfriend at the time because she didn’t feel like he deserved that title just yet.

The pair were so low-key to the point where people were saying Clarence didn’t want to claim Queen or vice versa. Well, now Queen wants the world to know who the new love of her life is. She took to YouTube, of course, to announce that they’re expecting their first child together.

“There’s one more thing we don’t want to hide from you guys,” Queen Naija said in the video. “Because we would feel that it’s unfair and it’s not something that should be hidden.” She then said she would let the next clip do the talking, and the next clip was a video of an ultrasound scan.

Watch below around the 19:33 mark:

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Rapper Boonk Gang Shot Twice Weeks After His Instagram Was Shut Down Over NSFW Videos

Boonk Gang showed off a disturbing image on Snapchat Friday afternoon (Jul. 28) of him lying in a hospital bed before revealing in subsequent Snaps that he “got shot twice.” One of the Snaps showed one of his gunshot wounds—a pretty big hole in his leg.

The 21-year-old rapper and social media sensation, whose real name is John Robert Hill Jr., also posted videos showing him in the car, apparently after leaving the hospital, with blood seeping through his hospital pants.

“Look, I’m bleeding through my sh**,” he said. “My fans need to know that Boonk Gang living a real life, and I’m going through real problems,” he said wincing through the pain. “F***, that sh** hurts.”

Although we’re unsure of the severity of his injuries, he looked distressed in the Snaps, even seemingly crying in one due to the pain of being shot in the leg.

“My sh** leaking bruh,” he said laughing with tears welled up in his eyes. “I got shot twice. F*** it.” He said in another video posted a couple of hours after the first few, “Boonk Gang still out here, you know what I’m saying?” before ending his Snapchat story with his trademark phrase, “Whole lotta gang sh**.”

News of him getting shot shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who follows Boonk, who brands himself as a troublemaker on social media.

He first rose to prominence last year after videos went viral showing him stealing food from restaurants like Popeyes and Dunkin Donuts and running off while yelling “Boonk Gang! Whole lotta gang sh**!” He was later arrested for that, among other things, but continued to post videos of him running off with stuff while yelling his “whole lotta gang sh**” catchphrase.

Earlier this month, his Instagram was shut down after he was caught sharing a number of X-rated videos to his IG stories. The NSFW videos showed him performing oral sex, receiving oral sex, and having sexual intercourse, all of which are against the social media app’s rules. Shortly after posting the clips, he took to Twitter to let his fans know “I like to have a lot of sex.”

He’s continued to upload NSFW videos on Twitter, where the rules aren’t as strict.

Before sharing on Snapchat that he had gotten shot twice, he posted videos of himself hanging out with friends at a pool and sharing what sounds like new music. “Yall ready for my next project or what?” he wrote in the caption of one of the clips.

But another series of videos, taken two weeks ago according to the timestamp, showed him in a state of depression. “No matter how happy I seem I’m hurting inside… badly,” the caption of one video read. Another video showed him crying and wiping tears from his face.

“I’m not a crack head or a junkie I just have real life issues going on. Celebrity/rapper I have real feelings and a good heart but the world ruined me. IDK if I wanna live or die, I just want this pain [taken] away from me,” he wrote to his fans in one post. “I been thru a lot and I want y’all to know I feel the same pain y’all feel and I guaranteed for a fact I been thru what y’all been thru. I’ma gangsta, but on some real sh** it’s hard and I try to keep a smile to keep y’all smiling. I love y’all,” he shared in another.

Earlier this week, a video went viral showing him falling and hitting his head on a wall after showing up high as hell to an interview on the No Jumper podcast with Adam 22.

Throughout the interview, he was sloppy, slurring his words and could barely put together a coherent sentence. The following day, a series of posts on Twitter revealed that he was battling depression and used drugs to numb the pain.

“Drugs make everything feel better,” he tweeted. “My whole life [people] pushed me away. Acting like they care about me. I do drugs because I feel alone. When I’m high I feel nothing. When I’m sober I feel everything.”

Boonk is obviously crying out for help, and hopefully, those around him can be there to support him. But you can only help someone who wants it.

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When Will YDK Be Laid to Rest?

Young King Dave (aka “YDK”), the young man who made himself famous on the internet after a video in which he proclaimed “I Got the Loud” went viral, died last Thursday (May 17) at 19 years old.

According to Motherboard, before his death, the viral sensation—who was known for his videos that showed him smoking weed or “doinks” (as he called them) and making candid observations about the world around him—had been hospitalized after suffering from a collapsed lung.

Young King Dave Dead: Fast Facts About the Internet’s Most Famous Stoner

YKD’s manager and childhood friend Chris Clemenza said that the internet star “died from complications during recovery.” A friend of Young King Dave’s wrote on Instagram that he had “an infection that he let go too long for stupid reasons. But it got so bad they had to put him in a medically induced coma. Then he died.”

Young King Dave Cause of Death: How Did the “I Got Loud” Guy Die?

Now, YKD’s fans and supporters are wondering when and where he will be laid to rest, and they also want information on where his funeral and/or a memorial service will be held to celebrate his life.

According to his obituary, the 19-year-old “passed away surrounded by his loving family on Thursday, May 17, 2018 at Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, New Jersey.”

YKD’s obituary also offers some information about funeral service plans, which are apparently private. “In respect of his family’s wishes, David will be privately cremated,” his obituary states.

However, despite his cremation being private, Dave’s obituary notes that “family and friends are invited to attend a memorial visitation on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM at the Shore Point Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc.” which is located at 3269 State Highway/Route 35 North in Hazlet, New Jersey.

“For information, directions or to send condolences to the family, please visit www.shorepointfh.com,” the obituary concludes.

Read Young King Dave’s obituary in full below:

David James Nixon, 19, of Middletown, New Jersey, passed away surrounded by his loving family on Thursday, May 17, 2018 at Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, New Jersey. David was born on September 12, 1998 in Staten Island, New York. In 2005, he and his family settled in Middletown, New Jersey, where he grew up.

He was predeceased by his grandfather, James Nixon. David is survived by his adoring parents, Keith and Donna (Valente) Nixon, his beloved grandparents, Iva (Burroughs) Nixon, and Anthony and Deirdre (Egan) Orabona, his loving siblings, Meredith Melillo, Keith Nixon, and Jonathan Nixon, and many cherished aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, extended family and friends. David will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.

In respect of his family’s wishes, David will be privately cremated. Family and friends are invited to attend a memorial visitation on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM at the Shore Point Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc., 3269 State Highway/Route 35 North, Hazlet, New Jersey 07730. For information, directions or to send condolences to the family, please visit www.shorepointfh.com.

If you would like to donate to Young King Dave’s GoFundMe to help his family with the costs associated with laying him to rest you can do so HERE.

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Chicago YouTube Vlogger Killed in Drive By Shooting

3Zachary Stoner had a popular YouTube channel called “ZackTV” (aka “The Hood CNN”) with over 170,000 subscribers where he interviewed and promoted up-and-coming Chicago rappers. He also interviewed friends of Kenneka Jenkins, the young woman who was found dead in a hotel freezer.

Zachary Stoner was known for interviewing and promoting a number of up-and-coming Chicago rappers via his “ZackTV” YouTube channel, which boasted over 170,000 subscribers and featured thousands of videos, some with millions of views. He also interviewed Chicago gang members and highlighted the city’s infamous gun violence problem.

Stoner was credited with giving some of Chicago’s most controversial artists their first on-camera exposure, including then-teenage drill music pioneer Chief Keef. He also posted clips showing young men from rival gangs flashing guns and threatening each other.

Stoner described himself on Twitter, where had had over 14K followers, as the “best interviewer in the world” who took his faith in God and his camera to “some of the dangerous hoods in America.”

Eerily, one of his last tweets posted just hours before his murder was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the “death” of rapper Drake as a result of his beef with Pusha T.

ZackTV said in an April interview with the Chicago Defender that he wanted to show an alternative view of Chicago and its residents with his YouTube channel, which was often nicknamed the “Hood CNN.”

“I wanted to show the world the other side of Chicago. Back when I was growing up, we had Common and Kanye West. Those are great brothers and great entertainers, but I didn’t think they represented Chicago the way that I’ve seen Chicago,” Stoner said. “I wanted to show the world what the other side of Chicago looks like … our culture—the way we dress, what we eat, how we talk, how we walk.”

The Defender wrote that Stoner “documents what others neglect and repeatedly interviews personalities who many had hoped would never grace a camera. His videos are not fluffy, glitzy, and sentimental documentary shorts; on the contrary, they are more like visceral punches to the gut that can leave you either inspired for change or disturbed by reality.”

“A lot of people respect what I do. I’m the ‘Hood CNN,’” Stoner told The Defender. “A news station is one-sided. They’ll get your full interview, but they will cut and edit and put whatever they want out. Whatever you say to me will get put out in full no matter if it’s positive or negative. I show both sides.”

Two of ZackTV’s most popular interviews were with friends of Kenneka Jenkins, the young woman was who became the subject of a viral story and public investigation after she was found dead in a freezer at a Chicago hotel.

In one interview, Zack spoke with Jenkins’ friend Irene Roberts, who also went viral on social media in connection with the case after her Facebook Live video showing the hotel party was dissected by internet sleuths in an effort to determine what happened to Jenkins.

Another interview was with two men who were also at the hotel party before Jenkins was found dead. Both interviews were published in November 2017, two months after Kenneka’s death, which was ultimately ruled an accident.

Just three days before Stoner’s murder, Jenkins was remembered on Sunday (May 27) during a tribute at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois where she died. The celebration of life marked what would have been the Chicago teen’s 20th birthday, ABC7 reported.

ZackTV’s most recent interview was posted on Sunday (May 27), featuring Drake of Chiraq discussing the recent shooting death of Chicago rapper Mubu Krump and King Yella being in federal prison.

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