Lil Scrappy’s Friend & Car Crash Passenger Ca$ino Roulette Suing Over Accident

Lil Scrappy is back at home after spending eight days in the hospital following a pretty serious car crash in Miami, but he’s not totally out of the clear yet, physically or legally.

Reports emerged last week that the Love & Hip Hop star was hospitalized after he was found unconscious following a bad car accident he was involved in after leaving Miami’s King of Diamonds strip club. The rapper, who was thankful to be alive, posted a number of photos on Instagram showing off the extent of his injuries, which included a broken foot.

“Man God is great I can’t even show u the car,” Scrappy wrote, while also mentioning that his passenger—his friend, rapper Ca$ino Roulette—was also banged up pretty bad in the crash. “We f**ked up but God saved our lives. I’m blessed with a wife and daughter to help me back up but God is great and we are alive,” he added.

According to TMZ, when police arrived at the crash scene (SEE PHOTOS), they found Scrappy and Ca$ino outside of the car and on the ground, but neither one of them could explain what happened or how they got out of the vehicle. Cops assumed the car was driving too fast for conditions, and a video of the accident released by TMZ pretty much confirmed that:

The footage shows Scrappy’s white Mercedes speeding down the shoulder of a highway before ramming into head first into a utility pole. It wasn’t clear what exactly caused Scrappy to crash, but it looks like he was out there on the road all by himself.

Fortunately for them, an eyewitness called 911 and first responders were able to get them transported pretty quickly to a nearby hospital.

In an interview with TMZ Live, Scrappy was adamant that he was NOT under the influence of any drugs, and blamed the whole thing on sleep deprivation. He said that he had driven from South Carolina to Atlanta to Miami on the day of the accident and admitted that he may have overextended himself by deciding to go out with his friend Ca$ino Roulette.

Now, two weeks after the incident, Ca$ino is preparing to sue over the extensive injuries he sustained in the crash. Ca$ino’s attorney, Brett L. Schlacter, told TMZ that he suffered a number of “life-altering injuries” and is “lucky to be alive.”

Ca$ino was reportedly in ICU for three days after the accident and is now back home in South Carolina recovering from his injuries—broken ribs, a concussion, and bruised lungs, liver and kidneys. He also had two major surgeries to repair his large intestine, which was ruptured.

Schlacter said his client feels like Scrappy was negligent and reckless when he fell asleep at the wheel, and he’s pursuing legal action to cover medical expenses and to get financially compensated for his life-altering injuries and significant wage loss.

For his part, Scrappy says he doesn’t remember falling asleep, but he does admit to driving too much the day of the accident. Though police have since closed their investigation into the crash, that doesn’t mean he won’t be charged later.

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Trey Songz Sued by Detroit Cop Who He Punched in the Face

Trey Songz is being sued by a Detroit cop who is accusing the singer of punching him in the face with a closed fist.

According to a lawsuit filed in Detroit’s federal court Monday (Jun 4), Songz was performing on stage in December 2016 when he became irate after concert organizers attempted to end his show early because it had run over its allotted time slot. During the performance, Trey said, “If a n**ga cut me off I’m going the f**k crazy…” And that’s exactly what he did.

Video footage from the night showed the singer throwing microphone stands, speakers and whatever else he could get his hands on off the stage before jumping off the stage and continuing his tantrum. A photographer, who is also suing, was hit in the head by one of the flying objects.

Sgt. Robert Avery of the Detroit police department said as he tried to take Trey into custody, the singer fought him and punched him in the face, causing the officer to fall to the ground and hit his head on the concrete.

The lawsuit states that Sgt. Avery fell to the ground and hit his head on the concrete, allegedly causing him to suffer visible bruising and swelling to his right temple, as well as a contusion to his left forehead. Avery says Trey, whose breath had “a strong oder of intoxicants,” also shouted F**k all y’all honkeys and f**k the police” and also yelled “f**k you cracker” at him.

Trey was eventually arrested and charged with assaulting, resisting and obstructing a police officer as well as aggravated assault. While being booked, police say Songz—who pled guilty to two counts of disturbing the peace—was very uncooperative and defiantly flashed a middle finger in his mugshot.

According to, Songz apologized for his behavior when he appeared in a Detroit courtroom for his sentencing in August 2017.

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