How Did Mrs. Garrett Die?

Charlotte Rae, the Tony and Emmy-nominated actress best known for her role as Mrs. Garrett on “The Facts of Life” and “Diff’rent Strokes” died on Sunday (Aug. 5) at 82 years old.

According to Rae’s publicist, she was surrounded by friends and family when she passed away in her Los Angeles home. An official cause of death was not revealed, however, in April 2017, Rae announced that she had been diagnosed with bone cancer—her second bout with cancer after having being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2009.

Rae told People Magazine of her bone cancer diagnosis: “I found out I have bone cancer…About seven years ago, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer — which is a miracle that they found it because usually, it’s too late. My mother, sister and my uncle died of pancreatic cancer. After six months of chemotherapy, I was cancer-free. I lost my hair, but I had beautiful wigs. Nobody even knew.”

She continued: “So now, at the age of 91, I have to make up my mind. I’m not in any pain right now. I’m feeling so terrific and so glad to be above ground. Now I have to figure out whether I want to go have treatment again to opt for life. I love life. I’ve had a wonderful one already. I have this decision to make.”

Rae’s mother, as well as her older sister and uncle all, died of pancreatic cancer, which is why Rae made sure she was screened for it frequently. “I had no symptoms. I had absolutely no symptoms. None whatsoever…They said that it was cancer, and it was contained, but it was growing fast. I just knew that I had to take action as quickly as I could,” she told UCLA Health.

Rae said it was a “miracle” that doctors found the pancreatic cancer “because usually, it’s too late.” She announced that she was cancer free after six months of chemotherapy.

Following her bone cancer diagnosis, Rae told People that when she first found out about it, she didn’t know whether or not she wanted to go through another round of treatment, and canceled her first appointment. Then she changed her mind.

“I wanted to think about it first,” she said. “I think I’m going to go for it. The side effects were not too bad when I did it originally. I’ve had a great life, but I have so many wonderful things happening. I’d like to choose life. I’m grateful for the life I’ve already had.”

Last spring, Rae told Fox News that she still stayed in touch with her “The Facts of Life” family and when Kim Fields, who played Tootie on the show, was on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” in 2016, she cheered her on. Rae added that she wasn’t surprised that the show was still adored by fans.

“The show touched on issues that could bring parents and children together,” she explained. “And people enjoyed it. When I did a book signing at Barnes and Noble, I noticed there were a lot of people who stood in line and they told me that I meant so much to them… They were very attached to Mrs. Garrett. And they all wanted a hug from me! And I gave it to them. All of them.”

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Tina Turner’s Firstborn Son Craig Dead From Suicide

Tina Turner’s eldest son Craig has died after committing suicide.

According to TMZ, Craig Raymond Turner died at his home in Studio City, California from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Authorities reportedly pronounced him dead after arriving at his place around noon.

Tina gave birth to Craig when she was just 18 years old before she got married to Ike Turner. Ike adopted Craig after he and Tina married. Craig’s biological father was a saxophonist named Raymond Hill, who performed with Ike’s band.

The sad news of Craig’s death comes as Tina—who lives in Switzerland—was attending Paris Fashion Week events. Craig was in the real estate business in California’s San Fernando Valley.

He was 59 years old.

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How Did Michael & Janet’s Dad Die?

Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the world-famous Jackson family, has died at the age of 89 years old.

TMZ reports via family sources that Jackson passed away at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday morning (Jun. 27) in Los Angeles. How did Joe die? What was his cause of death?

Last week, we reported that Joe had been hospitalized with terminal cancer earlier this month and was in the final stages of the disease. His wife, Katherine Jackson, as well as some of their children and grandchildren, had been at his bedside.

According to TMZ, Jackson had been dealing with health issues for a while now. He was hospitalized back in 2016 after coming down with a high fever, but he recovered and was seen partying in Vegas not long after. His health had also been declining after suffering a stroke and three heart attacks back in 2015 and had a pacemaker implanted.

Joe Jackson was best known as the father of some of the most successful entertainers in the world: The Jackson 5, then as solo artists, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, whose careers he managed at young ages.

His controversial parenting methods—including abuse and strict management practices—were scrutinized by his children and the media. Joe admitted to the physical abuse and being a very strict parent, but never apologized, instead saying that his methods turned his children into successful adults and kept them out of jail.

Joe stood by Michael during his molestation trial, and after Michael’s death in 2009, Joe was criticized for trying to make money from his son’s memory.

Joe and Katherine were married for more than 60 years and had 10 children together, though more recently, they didn’t live together as their relationship was strained for the last years of his life.

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How Did the Pantera Drummer Die?

Vinnie Paul—a legendary drummer for various heavy metal bands, most notably Pantera—has died at the age of 54. Paul’s rep confirmed his death to Billboard. Paul passed away on Friday (Jun. 22) in Las Vegas.

“Vincent Paul Abbott aka Vinnie Paul has passed away,” Pantera said in a statement on its Facebook page. “Paul is best known for his work as the drummer in the bands Pantera and Hellyeah. No further details are available at this time. The family requests you please respect their privacy during this time.”

How did Vinnie Paul die? What was his cause of death? At this time, Vinnie Paul’s official cause of death doesn’t appear to have been released to the public. According to the statement from Paul’s rep, “no further details” regarding the drummer’s death are available at the moment.

According to Billboard, Paul (born: Vincent Paul Abbott), along with his brother, Dimebag Darrell, formed the heavy metal band Pantera in 1981. The group later found mainstream success with second lead singer Phil Anselmo. Pantera went on to earn four Grammy nominations and had nine albums chart on the Billboard 200, including 1994’s Far Beyond Driven, which debuted at No. 1.

After Pantera broke up in 2003, the Abbott Brothers founded another group called Damageplan. Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed onstage during a concert in Columbus, Ohio on December 8th, 2004, according to Billboard.

Paul had been playing the drums for the heavy metal supergroup Hellyeah since 2006.

Vinnie Paul was born in Texas and credited the Lone Star state for inspiring his sound. He told in an interview a few years back: “The Texas thing is part of it, growing up on a healthy dose of ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaughan, but I also was a metal-head from day one. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Van Halen, all my favorite bands had really great grooves to their music.”

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Twitter Mourns XXXTentacion After Shooting Death in Miami

When news broke that rapper XXXTentacion had been shot in Florida, folks rushed to social media to find more information about the reported shooting.

According to reports, the 20-year-old (real name: Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy), was shopping for motorcycles in Deerfield Beach in Broward County, FL Monday afternoon (Jun. 18). As he was leaving the motorcycle dealer, a gunman ran up to his car and shot him before fleeing the scene.

Eyewitnesses recorded video footage immediately after the shooting showing the rapper lifeless in his car. Witnesses described him having “no pulse.” He was rushed to the hospital as a “Level 1” trauma patient and was described as “comatose.” XXX was officially pronounced dead around 5:40 p.m.

Not too long after it was announced that XXX had died, fans of the rapper and members of the Hip Hop community, including rappers Kanye West and J. Cole, quickly flooded Twitter with tributes, sparking a number of trending topics, such as “RIP XXX” and “Damn XXX.”

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Rapper XXXTentacion Shot & Killed in Florida?! Video Shows Him Lifeless in Car

Rapper XXXTentacion was just shot in Florida, and he may have been killed.

According to TMZ, the 20-year-old was shopping for motorcycles in Miami on Monday afternoon (Jun. 18), and as he was leaving the motorcycle dealer, a man with a gun ran up to his car and shot him.

Eyewitnesses on the scene recorded video footage immediately after the shooting showing the rapper, who appears to be lifeless in his car. His condition isn’t known at the moment, but TMZ’s report notes that the witnesses say “has no pulse.”

This is a developing story… check back for details.

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Anthony Bourdain Reportedly Cremated in France, Ashes Will Be Flown to U.S.

Anthony Bourdain has been cremated in France, and his ashes will be flown to the United States on Friday (Jun. 15), according to a new report from People Magazine.

The 61-year-old chef, TV host and author was found dead of suicide in his hotel room in Kayserberg, France last Friday (Jun. 8) while he was in the country shooting an upcoming episode of his CNN show Parts Unknown with his close friend, French-born chef Eric Ripert.

According to CNN, Ripert was the one who found Bourdain dead. French officials said Bourdain committed suicide by hanging himself with the belt from his bathrobe.

French prosecutor Christian de Rocquigny said there was no evidence of foul play or violence involved in the celebrity chef’s death, and a medical expert did not find any signs of violence on Bourdain’s body. “Nothing suggested the involvement of a third person,” Rocquigny said.

Toxicology tests will be performed to determine is Bourdain was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol when he died.

Anthony Bourdain is survived by his mother, Gladys Bourdain, his brother, Christopher Bourdain, his 11-year-old daughter, Ariane Bourdain, his estranged wife Ottavia Busia, and his girlfriend Asia Argento.

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How Did the TV Actor Die?

Jackson Odell—a songwriter and former teen actor best known for his roles on TV shows “iCarly” and “The Goldbergs”—has died at the age of 20 years old.

According to TMZ, Odell “was found unresponsive in a sober living home” in the San Fernando Valley in California, and “there were no signs of foul play.”

As for his cause of death, that has yet to be determined, however, since he was found dead in a sober living home, it is assumed he died as the result of a drug or alcohol overdose.

Jackson’s family said in a statement: “The Odell family has lost our beloved son and brother, Jackson Odell. He will always be a shining light and a brilliant, loving and talented soul. He had so much more to share. Our family will always carry that truth forward. Our wish is that the rest of the world does as well. We are now going to try to make sense of our immeasurable loss privately.”

Odell had been acting since he was 12 years old and his credits included a recurring role on the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs as popular student Ari Caldwell. He also appeared in several episodes of the Nickelodeon comedy iCarly, and was featured in two episodes of the hit ABC series Modern Family as Ted Durkas. Jackson also landed a big screen role in the 2011 children’s movie “Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.”

In addition to acting, Jackson was also successful singer/songwriter. Most recently, he had written several songs for the soundtrack of the 2018 movie “Forever Your Girl,” including the Lauren Alaina hit “Wings of an Angel.”

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Chicago YouTube Vlogger Killed in Drive By Shooting

3Zachary Stoner had a popular YouTube channel called “ZackTV” (aka “The Hood CNN”) with over 170,000 subscribers where he interviewed and promoted up-and-coming Chicago rappers. He also interviewed friends of Kenneka Jenkins, the young woman who was found dead in a hotel freezer.

Zachary Stoner was known for interviewing and promoting a number of up-and-coming Chicago rappers via his “ZackTV” YouTube channel, which boasted over 170,000 subscribers and featured thousands of videos, some with millions of views. He also interviewed Chicago gang members and highlighted the city’s infamous gun violence problem.

Stoner was credited with giving some of Chicago’s most controversial artists their first on-camera exposure, including then-teenage drill music pioneer Chief Keef. He also posted clips showing young men from rival gangs flashing guns and threatening each other.

Stoner described himself on Twitter, where had had over 14K followers, as the “best interviewer in the world” who took his faith in God and his camera to “some of the dangerous hoods in America.”

Eerily, one of his last tweets posted just hours before his murder was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the “death” of rapper Drake as a result of his beef with Pusha T.

ZackTV said in an April interview with the Chicago Defender that he wanted to show an alternative view of Chicago and its residents with his YouTube channel, which was often nicknamed the “Hood CNN.”

“I wanted to show the world the other side of Chicago. Back when I was growing up, we had Common and Kanye West. Those are great brothers and great entertainers, but I didn’t think they represented Chicago the way that I’ve seen Chicago,” Stoner said. “I wanted to show the world what the other side of Chicago looks like … our culture—the way we dress, what we eat, how we talk, how we walk.”

The Defender wrote that Stoner “documents what others neglect and repeatedly interviews personalities who many had hoped would never grace a camera. His videos are not fluffy, glitzy, and sentimental documentary shorts; on the contrary, they are more like visceral punches to the gut that can leave you either inspired for change or disturbed by reality.”

“A lot of people respect what I do. I’m the ‘Hood CNN,’” Stoner told The Defender. “A news station is one-sided. They’ll get your full interview, but they will cut and edit and put whatever they want out. Whatever you say to me will get put out in full no matter if it’s positive or negative. I show both sides.”

Two of ZackTV’s most popular interviews were with friends of Kenneka Jenkins, the young woman was who became the subject of a viral story and public investigation after she was found dead in a freezer at a Chicago hotel.

In one interview, Zack spoke with Jenkins’ friend Irene Roberts, who also went viral on social media in connection with the case after her Facebook Live video showing the hotel party was dissected by internet sleuths in an effort to determine what happened to Jenkins.

Another interview was with two men who were also at the hotel party before Jenkins was found dead. Both interviews were published in November 2017, two months after Kenneka’s death, which was ultimately ruled an accident.

Just three days before Stoner’s murder, Jenkins was remembered on Sunday (May 27) during a tribute at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois where she died. The celebration of life marked what would have been the Chicago teen’s 20th birthday, ABC7 reported.

ZackTV’s most recent interview was posted on Sunday (May 27), featuring Drake of Chiraq discussing the recent shooting death of Chicago rapper Mubu Krump and King Yella being in federal prison.

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News Anchor & Photojournalist Killed After Tree Falls on Them

A local newsroom is in mourning today after losing two of their beloved crew members. WYFF News 4 anchor Mike McCormick and News 4 photojournalist Aaron Smeltzer died Monday (May 28) after a tree fell on their SUV.

According to WYFF 4, the tragic accident happened on Highway 176 in Polk County, North Carolina while the two were covering the rain impact in the area from Subtropical Storm Alberto, which has brought a lot of showers to the southeastern region of the U.S.

WYFF News 4 covers news in the Upstate of South Carolina and its surrounding regions, including some parts of North Carolina. Mike McCormick came to South Carolina from Arkansas, where he was a reporter and fill-in anchor at one of WYFF’s sister stations, KHBS/KHOG, for nearly three years.

Mike joined WYFF News 4 in April 2007 as a reporter in their Spartanburg newsroom, and he’s also been a weekend TV anchor for WYFF 4 since 2014. He graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in broadcast journalism and theater arts.

Aaron Smeltzer was the photographer for WYFF News 4’s Spartanburg newsroom. He joined the WYFF family in February of this year after shooting news for more than a decade in the Upstate South Carolina region. Aaron is originally from Tazewell, Virginia and graduated from Radford University with a degree in broadcast video communications.

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