Rich The Kid’s Wife Says Tori Brixx Set Him Up in Home Invasion Robbery

While police are still trying to figure out who was behind the home invasion robbery that left Rich The Kid and his girlfriend Tori Brixx hospitalized, Rich The Kid’s estranged wife believes she already has the answers.

As we reported earlier today, Rich was spending time with Tori at her home when masked men entered the dwelling demanding cash and jewelry. Rich reportedly tried to fight them off, but three more men came in with guns. Rich was reportedly pistol-whipped during the altercation, and as he was getting beat up, the armed robbers got away with a large amount of cash and jewelry.

RTK and Brixx were both taken to a hospital, and Rich posted a photo of him laid out on a gurney on Instagram. Rich’s team believes the robbery was an inside job, and his estranged wife, Antonette Willis, has accused Tori Brixx of setting the whole thing up.

Back in March, RTK’s wife said Tori Brixx was among the many women Rich was cheating on her with, so it’s no surprise that she isn’t very fond of the woman. Antonette filed for divorce from Rich and also accused him of domestic violence in 2016. The pair have two young children together.

Willis made the accusations that Tori Brixx set up the home invasion robbery in a now-deleted rant on her Instagram story.

“I just want this to be known when I see @toribrixx I’m beating her ass [because] b*tch you know you set him up,” she wrote. “Y’all can feel how y’all want to feel. My kids could have been going to their dads funeral just bc of this dumb ass girl.”

RTK’s wife added in a later post, “I’m single ain’t nobody worried about no pass around… and the pass around is Tori. I don’t even have a problem with her besides her speaking on my kids, saying she’s feeding me, and knowing my divorce details. If y’all don’t think little thotty set him up who am I to judge. IDGAF.”

What do you think? Did Tori Brixx set Rich The Kid up? Or is wife just saying Tori did it because it happened at her house?

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Rich The Kid Hospitalized After Getting Robbed at Gunpoint & Pistol-Whipped at Girlfriend Tori Brixx’s House

Now we know what landed Rich The Kid in the hospital.

According to TMZ, the “Plug Walk” rapper was attacked and robbed at gunpoint in Los Angeles last night. “The beatdown was so severe, it landed him in the hospital,” TMZ reports.

RTK was chilling at his girlfriend Tori Brixx’s house Thursday night (Jun. 14) when two men wearing masks busted in demanding cash and jewelry. Sources say Rich tried to fight them off, but three more men came into the home with guns. Rich was reportedly pistol-whipped during the altercation.

TMZ’s sources said as Rich was getting beat up, the armed robbers got away with a “significant amount of cash and jewelry.”

The rapper was taken to a hospital for treatment, and he posted a photo of him in a hospital bed on Instagram this morning, prompting many to wonder what the hell was going on with him. In the pic, he has a neck brace on, is hooked up to an IV and is being given oxygen through the nose.

Cops were called after the attack, but it isn’t known whether or not a report was taken. Rich’s team, however, already seems to believe the robbery was an inside job.

RTK hasn’t been having the best month so far. After Lil Uzi Vert ran up on him in Philly and caused him to run to a nearby Starbucks and hide behind the counter, leaving many to question the status of his street cred, just yesterday he was attacked by a taxi driver who threw objects at his car.

While the past 30 or so days haven’t been good to Rich, 2018 has definitely been his year (besides that whole wife filing for divorce thing).

News of the rapper being the victim of armed robbery and his subsequent hospitalization comes a few hours after he celebrated earning eight platinum plaques this year on his Instagram story. “Eight plaques in 2018… EIGHT!” he said. “Y’all n**gas need to catch up! Eight plaques, I’m winning!”

The badge of honor accounts for some of his biggest hits to date, including “New Freezer” and “Plug Walk,” from his debut studio album The World Is Yours. He also posted a video to IG his story showing him in the studio working on new music, captioning the clip “Back 2 work!”

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Man Who Threw Homeless Man’s Belongings Into Lake Arrested for Robbery

2Sintay assaulted another man, stole his phone and took off running with it.

Another video related to the incident recorded by another man, Matt Nelson, shows Sintay returning to the lake and trying to remove items that fell into the lake, according to Sintay.

Sintay explained to Nelson that he’s always throwing away trash in the area, and he considered the man’s belongings “trash.” Asked why he was in the lake taking stuff out, Sintay claimed he was “trying to do the f**king right thing” because he didn’t want to “pollute the lake.”

Sintay then acknowledged that he’d seen the destitute man in the area before and that he knew what he was throwing away was the man’s stuff, but he didn’t care because he still considered it trash.

“He’s been a resident here for a long time,” the videographer said, referring to “Drew,” who didn’t appear to be in the area at the time. “He has no place to have his stuff, so just leave him alone,” a passerby said to the group. “He’s not bothering anybody.”

When Nelson asked Sintay what his name was (he hadn’t been identified at the time of the recording), instead of answering, Sintay—who noticed that he was being recorded—appeared to assault Nelson and grabbed his phone before taking off with it. You can actually hear Nelson crying out for help in the video and saying that he’s being attacked.

Unbeknownst to Sintay, the video was filmed on Facebook Live, so it was posted (and remains online) even though Nelson no longer has access to his phone, which was stolen by Sintay. Watch above.

According to Nelson, Sintay did not return his phone and he had to go to the emergency room after being injured from Sintay’s assault.

Nelson wrote on Facebook:

“Is this that same dude? UPDATE: Thank you, loved ones! And thanks especially to my amazing nephew, Theo! Henry and his “friend” assaulted me multiple times, I was also dragged by their moving vehicle and hit a few times in the head, but I’m safe now. Still do not have my phone. Please keep calling it and if Henry picks up, I’d like it back. I’ll continue to share the story and folks should feel free to reach out to me here or via email.

“QUICK UPDATE #2: Thankful for the ER staff who assessed my injuries and thankful for my hard head! Even more thankful for the kind and loving friends and family who have been looking out for me and taking care of me. And, thankful to my community, who knows that Oakland can be a place where the dignity, safety and full human rights of everyone can be defended, protected, and affirmed. I know we have a long way to go, but I also know we have no choice but to get there…onward!

“BRIEF UPDATE #3: I am recovering from a mild concussion, some cuts and bruises, and many sore and strained muscles. Your love, food, joy, outrage, companionship, laughter, rides, check-ins, insight, and incredible displays of compassion have helped me heal and prepared me for the work ahead. Deepest thanks to everyone who has reached out with love and support! You have taken care of me, and for this, I am deeply grateful.

“And let’s not lose focus: HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT. While my wounds will heal, the deep wounds of inequality and injustice in #Oakland will fester unless we dramatically improve how we treat our neighbors who are unhoused, unsheltered, or on the verge of losing their housing. This is a moral and cultural issue and a reflection of our values as much (or more) than it is a policy and civil code issue. And our values and morals must guide our political decisions. We can do much better by our people. And to achieve this, we need you and the love you’ve shown me to lead us forward to a town rooted in full dignity and human rights for all.”

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