“Orange is the New Black” Season 6 Trailer

Netflix released the first official trailer for “Orange is the New Black” Season 6 on Monday (Jul. 9), and it looks like this season is going to be pretty bad for the women of Litchfield as they struggle to adjust to new life in the maximum security prison they were shipped off to after Season 5’s riot went terribly wrong.

From TV Line:

As you’ll recall, Season 5 ended on a major cliffhanger. A newly engaged Piper and Alex stood hand-in-hand with their fellow inmates — including Red, Nicky, Gloria, Taystee, Cindy, Suzanne, Blanca and Freida — waiting for the inevitable entry of armed officers following the conclusion of the prison riot. Meanwhile, the rest of the penitentiary’s populace got loaded onto buses and hauled to different prisons.

The trailer confirms everyone from the basement has been shipped to max—that is, except for Alex, who’s nowhere to be found. Additional inmates found in max include Lorna, Daya, Flaca, Pennsatucky and Boo, as well as unofficial prisoner Linda.

Eagle-eyed viewers will also spot Lolly (at the 1:23 mark in the trailer), who was last seen at the tail end of Season 4. At the time, she took the fall for Alex, who murdered Kubra’s hitman, and was dragged off to a psychiatric ward.

“Orange Is the New Black” Season 6 will hit Netflix at midnight PT (3 A.M. ET) on Friday, July 27th.

Check out the OITNB Season 6 trailer below:

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“Black Ink Crew Chicago” Season 4 Super Trailer

Issa whole lituation in the Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 4 super trailer!

After last season’s events, which saw the departure of Kat in the season 3 finale, Ryan is out of the tattoo game, and the rest of the crew is shocked to find out that Ryan has shut 9 Mag down.

“That family, that space, that sh*t is done,” Ryan tells Van in a one-on-one meeting. “9 Mag is no more! NO MORE!” Van shouts to the crew back at the shop.

In an effort to prove that he’s done with the drama, Ryan, with his girlfriend Rachel by his side, sets out on a mission to “reinvent” 9Mag, and his new shop has “space for six [new] artists.”

So where does that leave the old crew? Opening their own shop called “Loyalty Ink,” that’s where. And tensions run high when the old 9 Mag crew (aka the new “Loyalty Ink” crew) sees Ryan’s NEW 9 Mag crew at a tattoo convention.

Even Ceaser from “Black Ink Crew (New York)” was shocked to hear about the changes at 9 Mag. “You opening up a new 9 Mag?” he asks Ryan. “I don’t owe nobody over there sh*t,” Ryan responds. “I’ve seen this before,” says Ceaser, “I know how this story ends. Once you cross this line, ain’t no going back.”

Other highlights from the BICC Season 4 super trailer include Danielle burning Terrence’s sh*t, Ashley finding out Don cheated on her for the fifty-leventh time and fathered ANOTHER baby outside of their relationship, and Lily throwing hands with Danielle AND Charmaine.

It’s safe to say, Season 4 of “Black Ink Crew Chicago”—which premieres Wednesday night (May 30)—might be its most turnt yet.

Watch the super trailer up top.

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