Fast Facts About Memphis Teen Fatally Stabbed During Fight

A homicide investigation is underway in Memphis following an incident in which a teen was stabbed to death while fighting another girl around her age this week.

18-year-old Britney Algood lost her life late Thursday (Jul. 5) after getting into a fight with another woman later identified on social media as Bianca Sims.

Cell phone footage showing the fight and the stabbing went viral on social media.

According to WSOC-TV, police were called to the scene of what they described as a “neighborhood fight” Friday, and when they arrived, they found two women, who witnesses said knew each other, fighting. “Once she pulled off, the victim was bleeding heavily,” one witness told Fox 13 Memphis.

Britney Algood, a recent high school graduate, was taken to St. Francis Hospital, where she later died from her injuries. Bianca Sims, the woman responsible for the stabbing,  remained on the scene and was later detained by officers, but wasn’t charged.

According to MPD, this is an “ongoing investigation” as they determine whether the homicide was justifiable.

Here’s what you need to know about Britney Algood and the stabbing incident that took her life:

1Britney Algood was fighting a girl named Bianca Sims when she was fatally stabbed. The fight was apparently related to an ongoing “beef” over a boy Britney’s friend was dating.

Memphis police said two young women got into a fight near the intersection of Knight Arnold and Ridgeway around 6 p.m. Thursday evening (Jul. 5) The fight happened between two females who knew each other, police said. Those two women were 18-year-old Britney Algood and a woman later identified on social media as Bianca Sims.

At one point during the fight, Bianca pulled out a knife and stabbed Britney. Britney was taken to St. Francis Hospital by private vehicle and later died as a result of her injuries. Bianca remained on the scene and was detained by officers, but she wasn’t charged with anything.

According to one woman on Facebook, the fight was the result of an ongoing beef over the past year between Bianca and a friend of Britney’s over a boy.

“Everything started when I got with my Ex that is currently Britney’s best friend (Rossiar) boyfriend,” a woman using the name “Kash Key” wrote on Facebook. “Rossiar started wanting to fight because of the simple fact that the lil nothing a** boy wanted me. Rossiar, Rossiar’s mother, and [Rossiar’s] friend followed me and the boy to the Southaven Mall and was trying to jump me then. So of course just like anybody else folks my people [were] pissed off about it & that’s when [Rossiar’s] best friend (Britney) got in the situation. This is [an] ongoing beef since like last year.”

2Cell phone video footage showing the moment Britney Algood was stabbed went viral on social media.

Video footage showing the fight and the moment Britney was stabbed by Bianca was shared on social media, where it quickly went viral.

The viral cell phone footage also showed a baby being taken from a car near the chaos at one point. In one clip, a woman can be heard saying “don’t shoot!” insinuating that someone had pulled out a gun. “She cut the sh** out of her,” says another man off-camera. “With the big knife?” the woman asks. “Yeah,” the man replies.

A man named Julius Hughes told WREG Memphis that he saw the commotion as he was driving by. “I busted a U-Turn because I was trying to figure out what was going on and I understand she was stabbed, blood was coming from everywhere,” Hughes said. “It was broad daylight. It was hot. It was broad daylight. It’s crazy out here, this area’s known for a lot of crime, it’s getting bad out here.”

Another eyewitness, who didn’t want to be named, said he was leaving work when he saw the fight. He said he saw one of the women pull out a knife and stab the other. The stabbing victim (Britney Algood) could be seen in the video footage running from the scene.

“Once she pulled off, the victim was bleeding heavily,” the anonymous witness told Fox 13 Memphis. “It’s like they were trying to jump the young lady, the victim,” the eyewitness said, adding that many other spectators were also recording the incident with their cell phones. “One girl had her camera out and was hitting the girl at the same time her friend was dying,” he said.

3Someone who was with Britney Algood allegedly pulled out a gun during the fight, and Bianca Sims is claiming she stabbed Britney out of self-defense because her baby was in the car.

Friends of Bianca’s, some of whom were present during the altercation, say that she stabbed Britney out of self-defense because a man who was with Britney pulled out a gun and pointed it at the back of Bianca’s car, where her baby was sitting.

Kash Key wrote on Facebook: “The day Britney was stabbed Bianca was taking her baby to the Emergency Room, Britney and a car full of girls and a boy seen Bianca waiting at a stop sign by her house and turned around and started following her (FOR EVERYBODY SAYING “WHY WOULD SHE BRING HER BABY TO A MEET UP”). She was telling them that she wasn’t [about to] do all that [while] her baby was in the car & the dude with the gun was hanging out the back seat pointing a gun towards Bianca’s back seat to where her baby was.”

Kash Key continued: “Bianca stopped at a gas station where PLENTY [of] people [were]. They approached Bianca car, THEY OPENED HER DOOR. That is SELF DEFENSE FOR SURE. The Detectives pulled the City street cameras and seen the car who was following Bianca Ran 2 red lights trying to get to her and they also pulled the store cameras and seen that they approached her car! That’s why ITS A JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE.”

Kash Key also answered the question as to why Bianca had a knife in the car to begin with, and she also cleared up some discrepancies with the stories, most notably the fact that local media outlets are saying that Britney was stabbed in the head, which Kash Key said isn’t true.

“Just because we all had words in the past [does] not justify them pointing a gun towards her baby or putting her baby in harm’s way. Just like Bianca should’ve never pulled over they should’ve never been following her. Y’all can come up with however many stories y’all want to but FACTS [ARE] FACTS, and what’s done is done,” she said. “And as far as Bianca having a knife in the car she [KEEPS] a knife in the car, pepper spray too. The same reason these n****s walk around with guns every day. AND FOR EVERYBODY ASKING ‘WHY SHE DIDNT STAB THE BOY,’ the boy wasn’t the one who opened her door, Britney was! And all the news information is FALSE, Britney was NOT stabbed in the head.”

Read Kash Key’s entire Facebook post below:

4Britney’s cousins say the gun was pulled out AFTER Britney was stabbed and they’re questioning Bianca’s claim that she was driving her baby to the ER at the time of the incident.

After the incident, Britney’s cousins went on Facebook Live and explained their side of the story.

They said that the story from Bianca’s people saying that a gun was pulled out at the beginning of the fight was not true. According to Britney’s cousins, the gun was pulled out AFTER Britney was stabbed.

Britney’s cousins also questioned Bianca’s claim that she was driving her baby to the Emergency Room at the time of the incident.

“She [Bianca] claims she was taking her baby to the emergency room for some odd reason. But, why you at a gas station? Oh, ’cause they was following you. Why would you pull up at the gas station, b**ch go to the emergency room, the f*** is you pulling up at the gas station for. I wanna know the real story, that’s all I wanna know.

“It’s too many stories. First of all, y’all said she was going to the Emergency Room. But, on the post, how the f*** was she going to the Emergency Room when she was supposed to ‘meet up’ with Britney. But, next thing you know, I hear Britney was supposed to be waiting on Rossia at the pool. So what the f*** really going on.

“You had a knife on you for what? That [doesn’t] sound right. Why would you ride around with a kitchen knife on you? … Damn right they had a gun, and guess what, fool? The gun got pulled after Britney got stabbed, leaking, dying, running…

“They hollering about gun this and gun that… the gun was pulled out after Britney was stabbed. You can see Britney running, fool. And then they like, ‘Don’t shoot, don’t shoot.’ Damn right, don’t shoot. Britney was already f***ing gushing.”

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Meet the Woman Who Called Police on Little Girl for Selling Water “Illegally Without a Permit”

1Alison Ettel seemed to call the police on an 8-year-old girl selling water to baseball fans outside her apartment building. Ettel later said she was just bluffing about calling the police.

According to a family member—a woman named Raj on Twitter who says she’s the little girl and her mom’s cousin—said the girl and her mom live near AT&T Park, where the San Francisco Giants played the San Diego Padres on Friday (Jun. 22). The little girl was standing outside her apartment building saying “Cold water #2. Cold water $2” hoping to sell water to baseball fans walking by.

The girl’s mother was outside too, and noticed Ettel using her cellphone to call police, similar to how BBQ Becky called the cops on a black family for BBQing with a charcoal grill at Lake Merritt—a park in Oakland, California. So she pulled out her phone and started recording Ettel. When Ettel noticed she was being filmed, she tried to hide behind a concrete wall.

“This woman don’t want to let a little girl to sell some water, she’s calling the police on an 8-year-old girl,” the girl’s mother said. “You can hide all you want, the whole world gonna see you boo.” That’s when Ettel stands up to face the camera and accuses the child of “illegally selling water without a permit.” The mother replied, “On my property” and Ettel told her, “It’s not your property.”

The little girl’s mother posted the video of Ettel to social media Saturday afternoon, and it instantly went viral, sparking the Twitter hashtag and nickname #PermitPatty.

“Make this bitch go viral like #bbqbecky she’s #permitpatty,” the mother (@ladyesowavy) wrote in the caption of the video on Instagram. “[W]ould you rather my daughter be out here getting into shit Fr cuz an 8-year-old selling water in front of her apartment building where she’s lived her whole life is NOT a reason to call the Police.”

She shared an update on Instagram a few hours later, thanking her supporters and denouncing the haters, telling them to “kiss [her] and [her] kids’ a**es.” She also said police never even showed up.

“I’m trying to read all the messages and reply to all the positive and supportive souls in this world…,” she captioned the post. “THANK YOU FOR SHOWING US ITS NOT ALL BAD!!! If you would like to support my daughter all funds sent to my cashapp will be for her!! $ladyesowavy FYI SFPD did NOT show up.”

Ettel told the Huffington Post she was just “pretending” to call the police because she was annoyed by the girl and her mother “screaming about what they were selling.” She added, “It was literally nonstop. It was every two seconds, ‘Come and buy my water.’ It was continuous and it wasn’t a soft voice, it was screaming.”

Ettel said she was working in her office when she first heard the “screaming.” She said she didn’t close her windows because it was too hot and the girl and her mother were so loud that closing the windows wouldn’t have stopped the noise.

Ettel told HuffPo that she asked the building’s security to do something about the “screaming,” but they said they couldn’t do anything, so she took matters into her own hands and confronted the woman and her daughter and told them to stop. She said she was only kidding when she told them she was going to call the police.

“I have no problem with enterprising young women. I want to support that little girl. It was all the mother and just about being quiet,” she said.

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White Woman Calls Police on 8-Year-Old Black Girl for “Illegally Selling Water Without a Permit”

Wypipo remain undefeated in perfecting the art of “being on that bullsh**.”

Y’all remember #BBQBecky? Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet her sister, #PermitPatty aka #H2OHeather.

Just when you thought BBQ Becky was the worst you could get as far as wypipo calling 911 for no damn reason on black people, someone else comes along and says “hold my beer.” But the difference is this time, instead of calling the police on an adult, this white lady called the police on a little 8-year-old girl.

Sometime his weekend, a white woman in San Francisco was captured on video calling 911 on an 8-year-old black girl for what she called “illegally selling water without a permit.” The child’s mother was the one who recorded the incident and posted it to social media Saturday, and the video instantly went viral for obvious reasons.

“Make this bitch go viral like #bbqbecky she’s #permitpatty,” the mother (@ladyesowavy) wrote in the caption of the video on Instagram. “[W]ould you rather my daughter be out here getting into shit Fr cuz an 8-year-old selling water in front of her apartment building where she’s lived her whole life is NOT a reason to call the Police.”

“This woman don’t want to let a little girl to sell some water, she’s calling the police on an 8-year-old girl,” the girl’s mother says as the white woman, later identified as Alison Ettel, tries to hide from the camera behind a wall while she calls the cops. “You can hide all you want, the whole world gonna see you boo.” That’s when Ettel stands up from her hiding spot and accuses the child of “illegally selling water without a permit.”

“on my property,” the mother states, to which Ettel replies, “It’s not your property.”


Ettel has since deleted her personal Instagram and Twitter accounts, however, the social media pages for her cannabis company Treat Well are still active, and, as you might expect, the company’s Twitter mentions are in shambles.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. #PermitPatty quickly became a trop trending topic on Twitter and folks are going all the way in:

Using #PermitPatty’s logic, selling lemonade without a permit must be illegal too. Now I have no choice but to patrol the neighborhoods and report little white children for illegally operating a lemonade without the proper permits, just like this hero and crime crusader:

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Man Who Threw Homeless Man’s Belongings Into Lake Arrested for Robbery

2Sintay assaulted another man, stole his phone and took off running with it.

Another video related to the incident recorded by another man, Matt Nelson, shows Sintay returning to the lake and trying to remove items that fell into the lake, according to Sintay.

Sintay explained to Nelson that he’s always throwing away trash in the area, and he considered the man’s belongings “trash.” Asked why he was in the lake taking stuff out, Sintay claimed he was “trying to do the f**king right thing” because he didn’t want to “pollute the lake.”

Sintay then acknowledged that he’d seen the destitute man in the area before and that he knew what he was throwing away was the man’s stuff, but he didn’t care because he still considered it trash.

“He’s been a resident here for a long time,” the videographer said, referring to “Drew,” who didn’t appear to be in the area at the time. “He has no place to have his stuff, so just leave him alone,” a passerby said to the group. “He’s not bothering anybody.”

When Nelson asked Sintay what his name was (he hadn’t been identified at the time of the recording), instead of answering, Sintay—who noticed that he was being recorded—appeared to assault Nelson and grabbed his phone before taking off with it. You can actually hear Nelson crying out for help in the video and saying that he’s being attacked.

Unbeknownst to Sintay, the video was filmed on Facebook Live, so it was posted (and remains online) even though Nelson no longer has access to his phone, which was stolen by Sintay. Watch above.

According to Nelson, Sintay did not return his phone and he had to go to the emergency room after being injured from Sintay’s assault.

Nelson wrote on Facebook:

“Is this that same dude? UPDATE: Thank you, loved ones! And thanks especially to my amazing nephew, Theo! Henry and his “friend” assaulted me multiple times, I was also dragged by their moving vehicle and hit a few times in the head, but I’m safe now. Still do not have my phone. Please keep calling it and if Henry picks up, I’d like it back. I’ll continue to share the story and folks should feel free to reach out to me here or via email.

“QUICK UPDATE #2: Thankful for the ER staff who assessed my injuries and thankful for my hard head! Even more thankful for the kind and loving friends and family who have been looking out for me and taking care of me. And, thankful to my community, who knows that Oakland can be a place where the dignity, safety and full human rights of everyone can be defended, protected, and affirmed. I know we have a long way to go, but I also know we have no choice but to get there…onward!

“BRIEF UPDATE #3: I am recovering from a mild concussion, some cuts and bruises, and many sore and strained muscles. Your love, food, joy, outrage, companionship, laughter, rides, check-ins, insight, and incredible displays of compassion have helped me heal and prepared me for the work ahead. Deepest thanks to everyone who has reached out with love and support! You have taken care of me, and for this, I am deeply grateful.

“And let’s not lose focus: HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT. While my wounds will heal, the deep wounds of inequality and injustice in #Oakland will fester unless we dramatically improve how we treat our neighbors who are unhoused, unsheltered, or on the verge of losing their housing. This is a moral and cultural issue and a reflection of our values as much (or more) than it is a policy and civil code issue. And our values and morals must guide our political decisions. We can do much better by our people. And to achieve this, we need you and the love you’ve shown me to lead us forward to a town rooted in full dignity and human rights for all.”

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Lil Kim Clowned on Twitter After Her Struggle Dancing Goes Viral

Lil Kim has given us iconic bars and looks over the years. But right now, she’s giving us a good laugh (though I don’t think that was her intention). The Queen Bee of rap has become a viral sensation after attempting to do some of today’s hottest dance crazes.

While performing at Funk Fest in Atlanta on Saturday (May 19), Kim wanted to join her backup dancers and show off her own moves. The femcee did BlocBoy JB’s “Shoot” dance and the Milly Rock and looked a whole entire mess in the process.

See for yourself below:

Though the Funk Fest crowd got hyped with Kim, the internet had other thoughts of Kim’s struggle dance break. All in fun, Twitter clowned her meme-worthy moves and the video clip offered a collective laugh.

Lil Kim’s dance moves previously caught social media attention back in December. Her iconic shimmy was called a “geriatric dance” and some compared her dancing to a defensive move basketball players do on the court.

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Kansas City Man Who “Quit” Popeyes By Singing in Viral Video Admits the Whole Thing Was Fake

The man who went viral last week for “quitting” his “job” at Popeyes by hilariously singing the lyrics “I don’t really wanna work here no more” admits that the whole thing was fake.

Armed with a portable mic and speakers, a man walked into a Popeyes restaurant last week and announced his “resignation” with a catchy song.

“So I got an announcement… I’m quitting my job today,” he said before breaking out into song. “I don’t really want to work here no more,” the man melodically sang over the beat while customers chuckled and whipped out their phones to record the moment. “I quit!” he yelled after singing and rapping for nearly two straight minutes.

The clip, which was originally uploaded to Facebook and YouTube last Tuesday (May 15) and posted on Twitter the following day, became an instant viral hit. As of today, on Facebook, it has so far racked up more than 3 million views and 53,000 shares. And on Twitter, it has been watched over 5 million times, with over 145,000 retweets and 300,000 likes.

According to the man in the video—Cedrick Workuff from Kansas City, Missouri—he never really worked at Popeyes in the first place. He said he and his cousin Marco Summers (the man behind the camera) just wanted to spread a little positivity and bring some humor into folks’ lives with the viral clip.

“It’s something me and Marco wanted to put in the works,” Workuff told KSHB. “It wasn’t planned. It was all improvised. Only the idea was planned.”

Summers said that other videos he’s made have been picked up by celebrities and TV shows like Right This Minute. He said his inspiration comes from his own experiences.

“I’ve been through most of the stories I talk about. Instead of letting them damage me, I make them something funny,” Summers said. “It’s opening a door for people to laugh at situations like that.”

Cedrick and Marco hope to turn their stories into a TV show one day.

“If we don’t make people smile, we failed,” Summers said. “Our main missing is to bring back peace and love through laughter,” said Workuff.

Although it’s slightly disappointing that he didn’t actually quit by reworking one of the hottest tracks of 1998, but it still takes guts to go into a random Popeye’s, break into song ,and then theatrically throw your apron on the floor. There were apparently no hard feelings: Shortly afterward, Workcuff posted a picture of a box of Popeye’s chicken on Facebook. “Still had to get some anyway lol,” he wrote.

While it’s a bit disappointing to find out that he didn’t actually quit his job by remixing one of the hottest tracks of the 90’s—Big Pun and Joe’s “Still Not A Player“—it takes guts to waltz into a random Popeyes and break into song.

And, apparently, there are no hard feelings between him and the restaurant. Not too long after filming his viral clip, Workuff posted a photo of a box of Popeyes chicken on Facebook. “Still had to get some anyway lol,” he wrote.

Also, according to a more recent post, Cedric says he was signed by Gucci Mane’s 1017 Bricksquad label, though we’re inclined to believe this is also a joke too, considering he never worked at Popeyes.

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Man Climbs Building in Paris to Save Child Dangling From Balcony in Stunning Display of Heroism

A 22-year-old man is being hailed as a hero after he climbed the outside of a building in Paris, France this past Saturday (May 26) to save a 4-year-old who was dangling from a balcony.

Amateur video footage shows 22-year-old Mamadou Gassama being cheered on by spectators as he, in a stunning display of heroism, pulled himself up from balcony-to-balcony to the building’s fourth floor, where the child was dangerously hanging. And it only took him 30 seconds!


The video has since gone viral across all social media platforms, including Twitter, where one video has more than 7 million views, nearly 5,000 retweets, and over 10,000 likes. Another version of the video uploaded to Facebook has 12M views, 286K shares and 62K reactions.

Since his heroic feat, Gassama has been given the nickname “Spiderman” and met with French President Emmanuel Macron, who said Gassama—a Malian immigrant—would be granted citizenship to the country.

Gassama said he was just walking by when he saw a crowd gathered in front of the building. Without thinking, he quickly sprung into action in an effort to save the child. Gassama told President Macron, “I just didn’t have time to think, I ran across the road to go and save him. I just climbed up and thank God, God helped me. The more I climbed the more I had the courage to climb up higher, that’s it.”

He said that the boy was crying when he pulled him to safety and had also suffered an injured foot, which is a blessing considering the alternative. By the time firefighters arrived at the scene, they found out the child had already been rescued. “Luckily, there was someone who was physically fit and who had the courage to go and get the child,” a spokesperson said.

According to local authorities, the boy’s parents weren’t at home at the time, and the father has been questioned by police on suspicion of leaving his child unattended. Officials believe the mother was not in Paris at the time of the incident.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo was among many who praised the 22-year-old’s brave act, calling him an “example for all citizens.” She also called him as the “Spiderman of the 18th,” referring to the district where the rescue took place.

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