Jesinta Franklin: Model talks Buddy Franklin’s merchandise line

JESINTA Franklin has spoken about the tough time her family has faced after her mother’s shock cancer diagnosis, and revealed her husband Buddy’s next career move.

The Sydney-based model, 27, said she was on “two hours’ sleep” after Swans forward Buddy, 31, launched his new merchandise line, Buddy Franklin Authentic, last night.

“I’m kind of like doing all the back end of that … the accounts, the finances, the ordering,” Jesinta said.

“He likes to call himself the CEO, who just comes in and oversees everything,” she said.

“He’s even got a business card that says CEO on it.”

media_cameraBuddy and Jesinta Franklin. Picture: Hanna Lassen/WireImage

Jesinta told The Morning Show that her husband was “in charge of all the creative direction” of the range.

“It went officially live last night … we’ve spent the last nine months working on it, so I’m really proud of him and everything he’s done with that,” she said on Seven today.

“Having something outside of footy to focus on.”

Buddy Franklin Authentic includes red, black and grey Franklin-branded hoodies ($80) featuring his number and signature, along with caps ($30), key rings ($7) and stickers ($5).

It even includes a cartoon motif of Buddy’s face, in a similar style to Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji merchandise line.

media_cameraA Buddy key ring. Picture:
media_cameraOne of his caps. Picture:

Meantime, Jesinta also opened up about her mother Valerie, 52, being diagnosed with bowel cancer earlier this year.

“She is recovering … it’s been a really tough time for the family,” Jesinta told the Morning Show.

“We had no idea, she had no symptoms … she’s vibrant, she’s fit.

“It’s a cancer that doesn’t get spoken about much … it’s an ugly cancer, and the recovery is really, really tough.

“But she’s doing really well now. It’s been a tough few months.”

media_cameraBuddy Franklin Authentic. Picture:
media_cameraBuddy Franklin in a shoot from his new clothing line, Buddy Franklin Authentic. Picture:

Jesinta said her mother’s health battle had prompted her to look at her own workload and lifestyle.

“I have similar qualities to my mum. I’m quite driven and I really enjoy working hard but at what cost does that come at?,” Jesinta said on Seven today.

“It’s really important to slow down and really maintain and look after your health.”

Jesinta said the couple — who tied the knot in 2017 — kept grounded.

“There are definitely sacrifices you have to make being in this industry and having a public profile, and doing it is twhat both my husband and I do,” she said.

media_cameraBuddy Franklin’s kids’ range. Picture:
media_cameraHe’s No. 23 for the Sydney Swans. Picture:

“It’s important to … surround yourself with a team of people who you know truly love and care about you.

“And take time out for yourself. I say this off the back of two hours’ sleep last night.”

There are limits, Jesinta said, on what the couple shares about their private lines.

“There are boundaries. We avoid scene-y places around Sydney,” Jesinta told The Morning Show.

“We don’t go to the top restaurants and seek out being seen at parties and events. We kept our wedding very private, our engagement very private.

“You won’t ever see us selling those kinds of personal stories.

“We like to do those kinds of things on our own terms.”

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Royal family: Camilla will make a ‘great consort as queen’

BRITAIN’S Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will take on a new role when her husband, Prince Charles, ascends the throne — and one person cheering her on is Queen Elizabeth’s former press secretary.

“She’s got a good philosophy about life: There are things you can change, other things you can’t change … Don’t get too hung up about it,” Charles Anson told People magazine.

“And I think she’ll be a great consort as queen.”

media_cameraCamilla has helped welcome royal newcomer Meghan into the fold. Picture: Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Mr Anson explained that since the royal couple tied the knot in 2005 when they were permitted to marry by the Queen, they have tackled their high-profile duties as a successful team.

He praised Camilla, 71, as someone who “kind of jollies” her husband and “doesn’t let him get too overburdened by the woes of the world”.

media_cameraThe pair appear to make a good team. Picture: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Charles, 69, first met Camilla in a meeting arranged by a mutual friend at a polo match in 1970. He fell for her instantly.

“He loved the fact that she smiled with her eyes as well as her mouth, and laughed at the same silly things as he did,” said royal biography Penny Juror in her book, The Duchess: The Untold Story.

“He also liked that she was so natural and easy and friendly, not in any way overawed by him, not fawning or sycophantic,” she said. “In short, he was very taken with her, and after that first meeting he began ringing her up.”

The Telegraph previously reported that while Charles was smitten with Camilla, he wasn’t ready to give up his bachelorhood to settle down. Camilla moved on and married cavalry officer Andrew Parker Bowles in 1973. They split in 1995.

Charles married Princess Diana, the mother of his two sons, Prince William, 36, and Prince Harry, 33, in a televised wedding that attracted about 750 million viewers worldwide in 1981.

However, Diana had long suspected Charles was having an affair with his ex-girlfriend. Diana and Charles would ultimately end their marriage after their relationship woes became public.

media_cameraCharles and Diana in happier times. Picture: Tim Graham/Getty Images

Their divorce was finalised in 1996.

Diana died a year later at age 36 in a car crash in Paris.

Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton, who penned the 1992 book Diana: Her Story, told Fox News back in 2017 that Charles never stopped loving Camilla even during the years they weren’t together.

“Here is Prince Charles telling Diana that he’s going to give a bracelet to his old lover just before the wedding,” Morton said. “Just a few days before the wedding. And then keeps pictures of Camilla in his diary on their honeymoon. What woman is not going to be incensed by this crass and insensitive behaviour?

“Diana was very suspicious of Charles’ relationship with Camilla right from the get-go. And who could blame her? He left her behind, but the fact that he’s been [currently] married for [13] years to Camilla shows that he still had plenty of love in his heart for his former mistress.”

This story originally appeared in Fox News and is republished here with permission.

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Aretha Franklin Is “Alert, Talking, Laughing” With Family, Nephew Says

Amid news reports that Aretha Franklin is “gravely ill” with cancer, her nephew says she is in good spirits and she and the family are hoping she’ll “pull through.”

Tim Franklin tells PEOPLE that his aunt is “alert, laughing, teasing, able to recognize people.” He said, “Family is there with her. She’s home.”

Tim said he saw her last week and was doing fine. “I saw her a week ago Friday and we talked for about 45 minutes to an hour. My brother was there on Saturday and she was alert, talking, laughing, joking,” he explained. “She’s watching TV, so God forbid she sees all of this ‘Aretha’s dead,’ so I don’t want to dampen her spirits on that.”

Citing doctors, TMZ reported Monday (Aug. 13) that Franklin was on her deathbed and wouldn’t make it to Tuesday. Well, today is Wednesday and Aretha Franklin is still with us, and her family is choosing to remain hopeful. Tim says that while his aunt “is sick,” their family is “trying to keep her spirits up and go from there.”

“We believe she’ll pull through it, she believes she’ll pull through it, and that’s the important thing,” he said.

While her loved ones are remaining hopeful, CNN reported late Monday that the Queen of Soul is in hospice care.

Detroit news anchor Evrod Cassimy, who has been in touch with Franklin’s family, described the singer as being “surrounded by friends and family” Monday and said that Franklin was “asking for your prayers at this time.”

Stevie Wonder and Jesse Jackson are among the stars who have visited Franklin at her home in Detroit, Michigan over the last few days, her publicist Gwendolyn Quinn confirmed to AP.

Mariah Carey tweeted that she was “praying for the Queen of Soul,” and Beyoncé dedicated her and JAY-Z’s sold out concert Monday at Ford Field in Detroit to Franklin.

Aretha Franklin has battled with health problems and weight throughout her life, and was diagnosed with an “unspecified illness,” widely reported to be pancreatic cancer, in 2010.

Shortly afterward, Franklin canceled a string of live shows, but didn’t confirm the diagnosis. She had a comeback tour in 2011, but was forced to cancel several of those shows due to an undisclosed medical condition.

On Monday, a source close to the singer confirmed with the Associated Press that Franklin is “seriously ill” but declined to elaborate on her condition or the severity of her sickness.

“She has been ill for a long time,” a longtime friend previously said, according to PEOPLE. “She did not want people to know, and she didn’t make it public.”

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Johnny Depp: Claims Amber Heard pooed in marital bed

JOHNNY DEPP has accused former wife Amber Heard of deliberately soiling their marital bed in revenge for turning up two hours late to her 30th birthday bash.

The troubled actor claims the incident sparked the violent argument that led to the breakdown of their marriage.

Depp had stormed out of the couple’s Los Angeles penthouse after discovering the pile of poo between the sheets after Heard’s party in April 2016, a friend of the Pirates of the Caribbean star told The Mirror.

Heard blamed the deposit on her dog Boo, who has bowel problems, but a housekeeper who had to clean up the mess the following day suggested the droppings were too large to have come from the little pooch.

media_cameraJohnny Depp claims ex-wife Amber Heard deliberately soiled their marital bed in revenge for his lateness but she says her beloved pooch Boo was to blame. Picture: Instagram
media_cameraJohnny Depp claims the poo incident was the catalyst for the violent argument that led to the breakdown of their marriage. Picture: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Depp, 55, believes there is “strong, photographic evidence that connected Amber to the faeces” and it was left as a “prank”, the friend said.

But a representative for the actress denied any malicious intent, insisting it was an unfortunate accident.

“Boo has some serious bowel control issues. There was never a joke, it wasn’t something

done to be disrespectful,” the rep told the Mirror.

“It was an innocent thing, it’s what pets will do. We don’t have anything else to say. Ms Heard is moving on and we do not want to engage in this nonsense.”



In May 2016, a month later, the couple had another argument about the poo which turned violent and culminated in Depp allegedly hurling Heard’s mobile phone, hitting her in the face.

The actress later posted photographs of her bruised face to Instagram and applied for a restraining order against Depp.

media_cameraAmber Heard and Johnny Depp pictured in 2016 just weeks before the poo incident. Picture: Alison Buck/Getty Images
media_cameraAmber Heard alleged Depp threw her mobile phone at her, bruising her face Picture: Splash News

Heard hinted at the bizarre stoush in court documents, claiming Depp made “paranoid and

irrational accusations about some delusional idea”.

“He began obsessing about something untrue and his demeanour changed dramatically. He became angry,” she said.

Heard withdrew the application for a restraining order following their divorce settlement, in which he agreed to pay her US$7million, which she donated to charity.

Depp denies he was ever violent to Heard.

It’s not the first time Boo and his stablemate Pistol have made headlines.

In 2015, Australian former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce threatened to put the Yorkshire terriers down after Heard and Depp illegally smuggled them into the country during the filming of the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie on the Gold Coast.

The couple later claimed they had no idea they were breaking Australia’s quarantine laws and filmed a much-ridiculed apology that was linked to a “hostage video”.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard arrive at Southport Courthouse for Pistol and Boo hearing. Credit: Today Show/Nine Network

Depp and Heard arrive at Southport Courthouse

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Kelsey Grammer, Frasier star, has his wife’s name tattooed on him

FORMER Frasier star Kelsey Grammer has a tattoo of his wife’s name near his private parts to stop him from cheating.

Grammer told US tonight show host Conan O’Brien that he got the tatt to keep him faithful.

“It was more of sort of an ownership thing,” Grammer said.

“My wife said, ‘Why don’t you get a tattoo?’”

“I guess maybe it was based on the idea that if ever I thought maybe a peccadillo outside the marriage was a good idea, that whoever might be, you know, would read this particular piece of equipment was already signed and owned by someone named Kayte,” he said on O’Brien’s talk show, Conan.

media_cameraKelsey Grammer has a tatt near his private parts dedicated to his wife, Kayte. Picture: Getty Images

Grammer, 63, began dating his current wife Kayte Walsh, 39, while he was still married to former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality star, Camille Grammer.

Her finding out about their affair and the breakup of their marriage was documented on the first series of the reality show.

Grammer tied the knot with Walsh in 2011, just two weeks after his divorce from Camille was finalised.

He and Camille share two children — daughter Mason, 16, and son Jude, 13.

media_cameraThe former Frasier star has opened up about his ink. Picture: MEGA

This is not the first time Grammer has opened up to O’Brien about his personal life.

In 2012, Kelsey told the comedian he hadn’t had sex with Camille for a “decade” during their marriage.

And he said he didn’t commit adultery.

“Well we kissed that night … we didn’t do anything much more than kiss for several months,” Kelsey told the late-night host.

“I just wanted to clear that up … she was worth the wait.”

When Conan suggested that must have been “difficult”, Grammer said: “Well, for a guy that hadn’t had sex for a decade it wasn’t that hard!”

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Prince Charles might not become King Charles

THE Queen’s former press secretary has revealed that Prince Charles might not become King Charles III when he eventually succeeds his mother to the British throne.

Dickie Arbiter, who also wrote a book, On Duty with the Queen, about his time in the royal household said in an interview with Hello magazine in the UK that Charles could choose another of his middle names as his official title when he becomes king.

“He might choose one of his other names Philip, Arthur or George,” Mr Arbiter said.

Charles would be far from the first monarch to change his name once he ascends the throne.

His own maternal grandfather’s name was Albert (known to his family as ‘Bertie’) but he chose to go by King George VI.

media_cameraSince Charles and Camilla were married in 2005, there has been debate over whether she would be known as “Queen Consort” or “Princess Consort”. Picture: AFP

King Edward VII’s Christian name was also Albert.

Meanwhile, although King Edward VIII, who abdicated in 1936, kept his first name, he was always known to his family and friends as David, his final middle name.

Charles will also inherit a plethora of other titles, including the Duke of Lancaster, Defender of the Faith, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, Head of the Commonwealth, and King of other Realms and Territories.

media_cameraKing George VI. His first name was actually Albert. Picture: Supplied.
media_cameraKing Edward VIII, who abdicated in 1936, was known to his family as David. Picture: Supplied

“[Charles will] also be Lord of the Man (Isle of Man) and Duke of Normandy,” Mr Arbiter said.

“But generally he’ll only be known as king.”

Mr Arbiter also said that he believes Camilla will become Queen Consort when her husband becomes King. He added, she’ll be a good support to Charles, because of her “sense of fun and humour”.

Another royal commentator, Charles Anson, told People magazine that Camilla will make a perfect Queen Consort.

media_cameraPrince Charles with his mother, Queen Elizabeth, at her 92nd birthday celebrations in April. Picture: AFP

“[She] kind of jollies along and doesn’t let him get too overburdened by the woes of the world,” Mr Anson said.

Camilla’s exact title when Charles becomes King has long been a source of debate since the couple’s marriage in 2005, Clarence House has maintained it is “intended” she will be known as “Princess Consort”.

Royal insiders, however, have said that Charles reportedly wants to see his second wife crowned Queen.

media_cameraRoyal insiders claim Camilla will be a “perfect” Queen Consort. Picture: Getty Images

Earlier this year, Clarence House removed any mention of Camilla’s possible title from its website, while it was also removed from her personal biography and Buckingham Palace’s website.

“This is one question that Clarence House has not been asked by the public for some time, which is why it no longer features,” a spokesman said at the time.

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Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas to launch clothing line

FROM staged paparazzi shots of himself shopping for suits to actually designing suits of his own, Thomas Markle refuses to relinquish the spotlight.

Meghan Markle’s estranged father, not known as an overly snappy dresser, will soon launch a menswear collection, according to a tweet sent by his daughter Samantha Markle on Wednesday morning, reports the New York Post.

“So excited about my father’s new #clothing line for men!” Ms Markle wrote. “Will keep you posted!”

media_cameraHarry and Meghan have kept silent about the new Duchess’ problematic family. Picture: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Ms Markle, who famously helped her father fake the paparazzi photos that kickstarted the months-long, messy feud between the Markles and the royal family, has made her desire to cash in on her famous half-sibling clear.

“Let’s face it — we all have to survive. Money makes the world go round, so if you want to call that cashing in, that’s fine, but I think no one in media would refuse a paycheck for talking about the royal and, as a family, we’re not subject to royal protocol,” she told Good Morning Britain in July.

media_cameraThomas Markle has not been able to stop blabbing about his famous daughter. Picture: ITV

“With all due respect, it’s not just Meghan. We’re entitled to share that,” Ms Markle continued. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It’s not disparaging. It’s not harmful.”

It comes as reports emerged that the rift between Meghan and her dad may not be overly new.

Indeed, eagle-eyed royal watchers have pointed out that Thomas did not attend his daughter’s first wedding to movie producer Trevor Engelson in Jamaica in 2011.

media_cameraHappier days for Meghan and her dad. Picture: Instagram

Meghan and Engelson were married in front of around 100 family and friends — including the bride’s mum, Doria Ragland — at the Jamaica Inn in Ochos Rios in the Caribbean.

Pictures of the wedding, which have been published in a US magazine, showed Meghan in a yellow bikini surrounded by equally casually clad friends, and surrounded by numerous beers and snacks.

Earlier this week the Daily Mail reported a source close to Megan acknowledging that the Duchess’ issues with her dad have been longstanding.

“Behaviour like his doesn’t happen overnight. Why do you think her parents got divorced in the first place?” the source reportedly told the Daily Mail.

media_cameraMeghan Markle with first husband, Trevor Engelson. Meghan’s dad did not attend the couple’s 2011 wedding. Picture: Getty Images

“Meghan’s had to deal with a lot of self esteem issues growing up with a narcissist. She has tools to cope with emotional blackmail. She does pray for him.

“That’s Meghan. She does not have a bad bone in her body, but she’s not falling for her dad’s crocodile tears. She’s been down that road far too many times before.”

Meghan and Engelson separated in 2013, two years after their wedding, and divorced in August that year, citing irreconcilable differences.

media_cameraSamantha Markle is headed for the Big Brother house. picture: Instagram

Meghan embarked on a relationship with Harry in June 2016, but the prince has never met her dad in person, only ever speaking to him by phone.

The Palace is also reportedly trying to figure out a strategy to deal with both Thomas and Samantha Markle, who have incessantly gabbed to the media.

And adding yet another headache for the royal family, it was announced that Meghan’s estranged half-sister will appear in the new series of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.

media_cameraMeghan Markle’s mum, Doria Ragland, attended her daughter’s first wedding back in 2011. Picture: Getty Images

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Tom Cruise’s son Connor moves into elite Florida Scientology complex

TOM Cruise’s son is clearly following in his father’s footsteps.

It’s been revealed Connor Cruise, 23, has made a permanent move to an elite Scientology compound, known as The Sandcastle, in Clearwater, Florida.

According to the Daily Mail, the DJ recently moved out of the home he shared with friends and into the luxurious property owned by the controversial church, where a select group of VIP members live and study.

media_cameraTom Cruise’s son now lives within the Church compound. Picture: Scott Barbour/Getty Images
media_cameraScientology compound The Sandcastle in Clearwater, Florida. Picture: Google Earth
media_cameraAnother view of The Sandcastle in Clearwater, Florida. Picture: Google Earth

MORE: Co-star shares bizarre Leah Remini Scientology story

His father has long been the most famous person affiliated with Scientology, and owns a penthouse located close to the Sandcastle property.

media_cameraCruise has a very high-profile relationship with Scientology. Credit: AFP Photo/Alex Edelman

The Church of Scientology, founded by L. Ron Hubbard, also boasts other celebrity members including John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Elisabeth Moss and Laura Prepon.

Connor and his sister Isabella, 25, were adopted by Cruise and his former wife Nicole Kidman during their 11-year marriage. His permanent move to Scientology’s “religious retreat” is a strong signal that he’s gearing up to step into a bigger role within the organisation.

The resort-style compound, built in 1979, reportedly boasts 69 residential rooms and 84 “auditing” rooms — where Scientologists undergo intense questioning.

media_cameraConnor and Isabelle Cruise. Picture: Instagram

It also features spectacular water views, a pool and hot tub, a rooftop garden, and a bar.

The latest news surrounding Connor is a rare glimpse into his private life. Both he and Isabella have largely shunned the Hollywood spotlight brought on by their famous parents.

media_cameraThe two children were adopted by Kidman and Cruise. Photo: Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

Following their divorce in 2001, Connor stayed with his father and reportedly cut all ties with Kidman, who has allegedly been declared an enemy of the church, according to former Scientologist Leah Remini.

In 2012, a man who was once affiliated with the church sensationally claimed it had worked with the Cruise children to alienate them from their mother.

In a candid interview with NBC’s Rock Center, Marty Rathbun said he believed officials used Scientology to indoctrinate Cruise’s adopted children Isabella and Connor against the Australian actress after she split up with Cruise.

media_cameraCruise (R) and Connor at a 2015 Florida sporting event. Picture: Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Rathbun told NBC: “ … they were being indoctrinated, and they were reporting to Cruise on how that was going in my presence.”

He also claimed the church told Cruise’s adopted children that Kidman was a “suppressive person”.

“It was more than implied …[Kidman] was somebody that they shouldn’t open up with, they shouldn’t communicate with, and they shouldn’t spend much time with,” Rathbun said.

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MAFS Sarah Roza pregnant: Star reveals baby joy

MARRIED At First Sight star Sarah Roza has revealed she is pregnant with her first child.

The glamorous 39-year-old, who has openly talked about her desire to be a mother, took to Instagram to share her happy news.

media_cameraSarah Roza has revealed she is pregnant. Picture: Justin Lloyd.

Melbourne-based Roza’s joyous post implied that she became pregnant via IVF and will be a sole parent.

The curvaceous star won the hearts of fans in the last season of Married At First Sight with her honesty about finding love.

She revealed that she suffered a devastating miscarriage just 18 months before Married At First Sight aired.

media_cameraSarah Roza and ex-boyfriend Telv Williams.

She ended her relationship with co-star Telv Williams after the series finished and recently announced she had split from ex-boyfriend James Stephens.

This is it. THE END. After an explosive dinner party, everyone reunites to talk about the experiment and for one final chance at closure. Here are the final episode’s best bits.

MAFS Ep 32 Recap: The Season Finale

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Paul McCartney, John Lennon: Sons look exactly like them

JOHN Lennon and Paul McCartney‘s sons are all grown up — and look just like their famous fathers.

Beatles fans went nuts on Instagram after Sean Ono Lennon posted a photo with James McCartney on Monday.

“Peekaboo …” Sean wrote alongside the picture.

Like their fathers, both Sean, 42, and James, 40, are musicians.

“If you guys have some music to play we would be glad to listen!” one fan commented. Another added, “A second generation of music? They have the genes.”

media_cameraSean Ono Lennon.
media_cameraHis father, John Lennon.

The late John Lennon was the father of two sons: his oldest, Julian, with his first wife Cynthia, and Sean, who he had with second wife Yoko Ono.

media_cameraSean Ono Lennon posted a photo with James McCartney on Monday.
media_cameraHis dad, Sir Paul. Picture: Alexander Tamargo/WireImage

James is Paul’s only son. He also has four daughters, three from his marriage to Linda McCartney and one with ex Heather Mills.

This story originally appeared on the New York Post and is republished here with permission.

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