Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Wedding: Millie Mackintosh reportedly snubbed from event

PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding guest list had more celebrities than most red carpet Hollywood events.

But while the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Idris Elba and Serena Williams attended, a celebrity pal of Meghan’s was surprisingly snubbed from the event.

The Mail on Sunday reports Harry may have vetoed Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh’s invitation, despite the reality TV star being one of Meghan’s first friends in the UK.

media_cameraMillie Mackintosh was reportedly snubbed by Prince Harry. Picture: James Whatling / MEGA

“Harry warned Meghan off Millie. He seemed to believe she was a blabbermouth and better off out of the loop,” a source told the UK newspaper.

“Harry doesn’t often tell Meghan what to do, but he put his foot down.”

Earlier this year Millie was tipped to be one of Meghan’s bridesmaids, sparking rumours she would play a key role in the royal nuptials after she was pictured carrying a bridal gown.

media_cameraPrince Harry and Meghan Markle are pictured kissing as they leave St George’s Chapel. Picture: Ben Cawthra/Sipa USA / MEGA

But on Meghan and Harry’s big day the heiress instead shared posts to Instagram of her watching the wedding on television.

Millie and Meghan became friends in 2016, around the same time that the Suits star began dating Harry.

The two spent weekends away at the exclusive Soho Farmhouse outside London, with Meghan sharing a picture of her and Millie cycling around the property on her now deleted Instagram account.

media_cameraMeghan Markle and Millie Mackintosh in 2016. Picture: Instagram

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Offset Bought a Car For the Man Who Helped Him After His Accident: “He Saved My Life”

Offset almost lost his life in a pretty serious car crash last month, and now the Migos rapper is paying it forward by helping out the Good Samaritan who he says saved his life.

According to TMZ, the rap superstar (born: Kiari Kendrell Cephus) totaled his green Dodge Challenger in Atlanta the night of May 16th after reportedly swerving to avoid hitting a “crackhead” in the road.

A number of photos Offset posted showing the damage to the car and his injuries revealed the severity of the crash. The rapper had multiple injuries to his hand, arms, and face.

Offset says a Good Samaritan by the name of Jamar Coleman had been walking to work when he saw the rapper climbing out of the wrecked vehicle and helped get him to safety. So, to express his gratitude to Jamar, Offset purchased a car for the man, who Offset says is a father.

In a video clip that went viral on social media, Offset repeatedly thanks Jamar as he hands him the keys to a Nissan Altima. “THANK YOU JAMAR FOR HELPING SAVE MY LIFE. GOD IS GOOD,” he wrote on Twitter.

“My boy Jamar saved my life, I got him a new whip. He was walking to work when he saved my life. I got my boy a nice car man,” Offset says in the video. “Take care of your kids with that brother,” he can be heard telling Jamar, who seemed very thankful for the gift.

“He saved my life when I had that accident. He’s the only one that seen me, helped me get out the car, helped me walk [and] get to where I had to get to, so I bought my boy a car… God is good all the time,” Offset added.

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Doctors blasts Netflix for adding Pete Evans doco The Magic Pill to line-up

PALEO Pete Evans has come out swinging as the Australian Medical Association (AMA) renews its attack on his controversial documentary, The Magic Pill.

The doco came under fire when first released last year, but the AMA has put it back in the spotlight after Netflix added it to its content list.

And that’s something Evans has no plans to swallow.

The doco, about the ketogenic diet, in which people claim a diet rich in protein and fat but low in carbs can help relieve everything from epilepsy to autism to asthma, has been available since May on the streaming giant.

But the AMA has called on Netflix to pull the doco, narrated and produced by the celeb chef and My Kitchen Rules judge, saying the “risk of misinformation is too great”.

New AMA president Dr Tony Bartone said he’s worried “vulnerable members of society” — like people with cancer — might believe some of the doco’s claims over the advice of health professionals.

“All forms of media have to take a responsible attitude when trying to spread a message of wellness,” he told Fairfax.

“Netflix should do the responsible thing. They shouldn’t screen it. The risk of misinformation … is too great.”

He slammed Evans, saying he respected his “ability and expertise in the kitchen, but that’s where it begins and ends”.

“I would never dream of telling him how to prepare a meal. However, when it comes to the trusted health of our patients, everyone should turn to a health professional. That is, in the first instance, your GP.”

The promotional trailer for The Magic Pill features a woman with cancer who states that her ‘tumour started shrinking’ and the mother of an epileptic child who says her daughter stopped having seizures after following the diet.

Dr Bartone said while cutting out one or more food groups could result in weight loss it can “make certain other conditions worse”.

BREAKING NEWS! The new AMA (Australian Medical Association) president wants NETFLIX to remove our film “the magic pill”. Below is my response to the journalist about my thoughts that the AMA want to remove our film…which by the way they cannot! 🙏 Does the head of the AMA believe that eating vegetables and fruit with a side of well sourced meat/seafood/eggs to be a dangerous way of life? If so can they please share the evidence that this way of eating is detrimental to the health of human beings. Perhaps the bigger question to ask would be, “is the head of the AMA fearful of people in Australia becoming healthy? What would this mean to their industry?” Modern medicine is fabulous and vitally needed as we do say in the film, however, when 70-80% of illness is diet/lifestyle related, then shouldn’t prevention be a considered approach? The information that is shared in the film by leading cardiologists, neurologists, doctors and scientists has prevention at the top of their priorities and to be used as an adjunct to modern medicine which then ultimately is a holistic approach. Can you also ask why doctors are not allowed to give dietary advice (please see the recent silencing of dr gary Fettke in Tasmania) yet the head of the AMA who is a doctor, somehow is allowed to speak on this topic with authority, when his counterparts cannot? As for their referrals to dietitians can you also ask why the DAA have multinational food companies as partners….surely this is a conflict of interest? So going back to the initial question, why does the head of the AMA believe that choosing to eat a non inflammatory diet that is promoted by doctors in our film considered dangerous to the humans that choose wisely what they put into their bodies? Time and time again these simple changes have a long lasting sustainable positive impact on people’s lives. Or is the bigger picture for the AMA, that this simple approach may actually hurt the industries that rely on a large % of the population being sick? I am happy to give you the email addresses to the doctors interviewed for any questions you may have. For whole story visit my FB

A post shared by Pete Evans (@chefpeteevans) on

Evans quickly hit back via posts on Instagram and Facebook, asking if the AMA was scared of people becoming healthy.

“Is the bigger picture for the AMA that this simple approach may actually hurt the industries that rely on a large percentage of the population being sick?

“Perhaps the bigger question to ask would be, ‘is the head of the AMA fearful of people in Australia becoming healthy?’ What would this mean to their industry,” he continued.

“Does the head of the AMA believe that eating vegetables and fruit with a side of well sourced meat/seafood/eggs to be a dangerous way of life? If so can they please share the evidence that this way of eating is detrimental to the health of human beings.”

The opening of The Magic Pill contains a note saying exercise, sleep and other lifestyle choices also play an important role in improving a person’s overall health and wellbeing and says people should always consult with their doctor or health professional before starting a new diet.

In his Facebook response on Sunday, Evans asked why Dr Bartone believed “choosing to eat a non inflammatory diet that is promoted by doctors in our film is considered dangerous to the humans that choose wisely what they put into their bodies?”

The slugfest over The Magic Pill began last year in August when medical professionals first discredited the “science” in the doco and called for it to be axed.

Back then, the AMA’s then-boss Dr Michael Gannon tweeted that The Magic Pill was nominated in the “annual awards for the Film/TV least likely to contribute to the #publichealth”.

Dr Gannon told The Courier Mail at the time the film’s depiction of the high-fat, low-carb diet treating conditions such as autism, diabetes and cancer was “patently ridiculous” and “harmful”.

Of the inclusion of The Magic Pill in its line-up, Netflix says it programs “for a wide audience”.

media_cameraNot content to just focus on human health, Evans recently launched a range of pet food. Picture: Supplied.

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Former WWE Wrestler Tom Magee Nearly Beaten to Death Over Parking Space

A former professional wrestler was severely beaten in front of his home in Mar Vista, Los Angeles, and neighbors said it all started over a disagreement about a parking space.

Tom Magee—who, in addition to being a WWE veteran, was also a world powerlifting champion and a former contender for World’s Strongest MAN—had gotten into an argument with a group of guys outside his house, and was subsequently kicked and punched in the head repeatedly until he was left with a broken jaw, a concussion, and a broken eye socket.

Watch the news report from CBSLA (KCAL9) below:

It wasn’t clear who the aggressor was in the situation, however, it was clear that Magee was outnumbered by the six men who brutally attacked him to the point where he could have died.

The Los Angeles Police Department says they’re investigating the fight, and two of the six attackers (Justin Lee and Degrate Bryant, both 20) have been arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

Magee has since been released from the hospital and is recovering at home.

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Did Reginae Carter & Her Boyfriend YFN Lucci Get Arrested in Knoxville, Tennessee?

It looks like Reginae Carter and her older boyfriend YFN Lucci landed themselves in some trouble with police Friday night (Jun 1) in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Reginae, the 19-year-old daughter of Toya Wright and Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne, had social media concerned as reports emerged that she and YFN Lucci, a 27-year-old rapper from Atlanta, were arrested.

According to some reports, Reginae and Lucci were both detained and taken into police custody after a fight and a shooting at an after-hours spot (i.e. liquor house).

Video footage showing the couple’s run-in with Knoxville police went viral on the internet, however, Reginae assured fans via her Instagram story that she was NOT arrested. “I’m okay guys. I am not in jail btw,” she wrote.

Lucci himself wrote on Twitter, “EVERYTHING IS OK.”

An eyewitness told Urban Islandz that the pair was pulled over and placed in handcuffs. They were eventually let go without any charges or an official arrest. “They weren’t under arrest, but for some reason the cops felt it necessary to detain them at least for a few hours,” the witness said.

Commenters on the live video, which was posted on Facebook, seemed to be disappointed with Reginae, who is a straight-A student at Spelman College in Atlanta.

One commenter told Reginae to be careful, saying, “Hood boyfriends are the best they said. When are these young girls gonna learn? This is Not how college goes….. I pray its a misunderstanding no one needs or deserve jail. This isn’t gonna end well this reckless lifestyle young free and in love…Don’t we all know this stage????”

Another commenter surprised to see the teen in a messy situation involving police wrote, “This girl never been in any kind of trouble her whole life and now all of a sudden. The thug life ain’t for you sis. What happens when you wanna be in that life so bad. Smart decisions Lil mama. That dad you always bragging about worked so hard so you never even had to step foot in the hood. Lucci wrong af forever having her around a crowd she shouldn’t be around anyway. So quick to be down and try to end up with the pics in the shade room.When you thought you were ready to be a ride or die chick.”

Reginae and YFN have been dating for a few months now. The couple sparked dating rumors back in February and have been spotted out together on several occasions, including on Memorial Day Weekend when they were spotted on a boat with some friends in Miami (above). Some commenters pointed out how “questionable” the photo looked.

Reginae and Lucci have also posted numerous photos of them “boo’d up” on their respective Instagram pages.

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Funniest Reactions to Smith’s 2018 Finals Game 1 Goof

When you f**k up your team’s chances of winning the first NBA Finals matchup, you can expect to become the butt of endless jokes and the subject of countless memes all over the Internet. We’re talking about you, J.R. Smith!

The last minute of Thursday night’s (May 31) Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals was pretty wild, to say the least. First, the refs questionably overturned a charge on Kevin Durant. Then, George Hill of the Cavaliers had a chance to win the game with two free throws, of which one he missed. But when J.R. Smith retrieved the rebound, that’s when sh*t hit the fan.

With less than 5 seconds remaining, and the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors tied at 107, J.R. Smith grabbed an offensive rebound off George Hill’s missed free throw and had a chance to win the game.

But instead of taking a shot or passing it to another teammate to attempt a shot, Smith took the ball out beyond the arc just as the shot clock expired, as if his team had the lead and he was trying to run the clock out or draw a foul. LeBron’s reaction was priceless:

And here’s the video footage:

Smith’s blunder forced the game into overtime, and the Warriors ended up taking a 1-0 series lead with a 124-114 victory. After the game, there were conflicting explanations for Smith’s terrible decision at the end of the fourth quarter.

“He thought we were up one,” Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said. But Smith said he knew what the score was. “I was trying to get enough to bring it out to get a shot off,” Smith told reporters. “I knew we were tied; I thought we were going to call timeout. If I thought we were ahead, I’d have held on to the ball and let them foul me.”

Regardless of what Smith “thought,” he f**ked up bad. REAL BAD. And the memes were swift, brutal, plentiful, and, above all, HEE-LARIOUS.

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Cardi B Parties With Bad Bunny & J Balvin in “I Like It” Video

Cardi B is on a roll!

Just one week after dropping her “Be Careful” video, Cardi B is back with the release of the music video for her latest single “I Like It,” featuring Bad Bunny and J. Balvin.

The colorful Eif Rivera-directed video finds the pregnant rapper—dressed in garments inspired by the late legendary Latin singer Celia Cruz—meeting up with her collaborators for a dance party that starts in the club and ends up in the streets of Miami.

The Billboard Hot 100 charting song samples Pete Rodriguez’s “I Like It Like That” and is a strong contender for song of the summer.

While Cardi continues her non-stop promotional campaign for her debut album Invasion of Privacy, the 25-year-old mommy-to-be is also patiently awaiting the birth of her first child with her fiancé Offset. “I love my little one, I wanna kiss her,” she shared on Twitter.

Baby Cardi will make her big arrival sometime near the end of the summer right before Cardi is due to kick off her joint tour with Bruno Mars.

Check out her “I Like It” video above.

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Maroon 5 & Cardi B’s Cameo-Packed “Girls Like You” Video Celebrates Women

Maroon 5 teams up with a pregnant Cardi B and about two dozen famous women in the video for “Girls Like You.”

With Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine in the center, the nearly five minute star-studded video pays homage to women as the camera pans around the room showing off appearances from famous women like singer Camila Cabello, Olympian Aly Raisman, comedienne Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, YouTube personality Lilly Singh, Tiffany Haddish, “Stranger Things” actress Millie Bobby Brown, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, race car driver Danica Patrick, Rita Ora and more.

The final scene of the video features a cameo from Levine’s wife Behati Prinsloo and their adorable 1-year-old daughter Dusty Rose.

Dressed in an oversized yellow blazer (to hide that pregnant belly), Cardi B delivers her verse: “Not too long ago I was dancing for dollars / Know it’s really real if I let you meet my mama / You don’t want a girl like me, I’m too crazy / But every other girl you meet is fugazi…”

Cardi gushed about the collaboration on Instagram, writing, “I F**KING LOVE THIS SONG AND THE VIDEO IS SOO INSPIRING!!!”

Watch the video above.

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Fans of Johnny Depp are concerned for the star who looks pale and ill during his European music tour

WHAT’S happened to Johnny Depp? Is it his new mohawk hair style? Is it a lack of sunshine? Or stress brought on by legal woes? Perhaps it’s his exhausting tour schedule.

Whatever it is, fans across Europe are concerned for the wellbeing of Johnny Depp after images circulated on social media of the Hollywood star and rock musician looking pale, gaunt and unwell as he posed for photos.

Fans of diverse nationalities and genders speculated on whether or not Depp’s appearance in the photos, which were taken at the Four Seasons Hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia, was the result of illness or his single lifestyle. Or perhaps he was cultivating his image for an upcoming role.

Depp, 54, now sports a mohawk haircut for his European tour with his rock and roll tribute band, Hollywood Vampires, and lacks his trademark tan, long hair, moustache and beard, which he wore for his character of Jack Sparrow. Some fans don’t approve of the new image.

media_cameraJohnny Depp performs with the Hollywood Vampires in Russia. Picture:

“Please grow some hair on your head and face, and get suntanned,” posted one Instagrammer.

Others posted comments saying that Depp’s undercut hairstyle made him look like a cancer patient. But diehard fans defended the star’s appearance. “I like his hair … He looks happy,” posted @carriecafe.

“He looks like this for a new movie[,] he is fine and not sick,” posted @astridinfrance.

Comments on Instagram also raised the possibility that that this is what Depp looks like without his trademark Pirates of the Caribbean makeup.

Another Intagrammer even suggested that he might be high.

media_cameraJohnny Depp in November 2015. Some fans are fearing that the actor is now ill. Picture: AFP Photo/Valerie Macon

Depp has been nominated for three Academy Awards since his career launched in 1984.

He has been married twice, most recently to the actor Amber Heard who alleged that Depp was physically abusive.

The couple divorced acrimoniously in 2016 and are estranged.

media_cameraJohnny Depp with his ex-wife Amber Heard. The couple divorced acrimoniously after just 15 months of marriage. Picture: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Depp had a long-term partnership with French actress Vanessa Paradis and they have two children together.

When he’s not acting in Hollywood movies, Depp tours the world with Hollywood Vampires, the supergroup he formed with Alice Cooper as a tribute band to rock stars who have died prematurely.

But Depp’s fans sincerely hope that he is not planning on joining the dearly departed any time soon.

media_cameraThe Hollywood Vampires, Johnny Depp, Joe Perry performing at Olympic stadium. Moscow, Russia on May 28, 2018. Picture:

“[Y]ou need to be eating more, sir, you are looking a little thin,” wrote @wickedwolfink. “We don’t want to lose you.”

“I think that my hero looks ill,” one admirer posted on Twitter.

But since Depp turns 55 on June 9, perhaps he’s just looking his age.

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Drake Already Took DNA Test & Flew “Secret” Son Adonis Out on Private Jet for Christmas (Report)

Drake has met his rumored son Adonis “multiple times” AND has already taken a DNA test proving that he’s the boy’s father, according to a new report from TMZ, which totally contradict Pusha T’s “deadbeat” dad claims.

Days ago, a report from TMZ emerged quoting sources close to Drake, saying that the rapper was financially supporting the baby, who was born on October 24th, 2017 (ironically Drake’s own birthday), while he awaits a paternity test.

However, a new report from the gossip site claims that friends of Drake’s alleged former porn star baby mama Sophie Brussaux say that Drake has already taken the DNA test, which confirmed that he is, indeed, the father of the 7-month-old baby.

Sources connected to Sophie tell TMZ … Drizzy wasn’t present when she gave birth, but he’s been actively involved since a paternity test confirmed he’s the father.

Our Drake sources say no paternity test has been taken yet … but Sophie has a different story. We’re told Drake met his alleged son, Adonis, shortly after the test and has seen him multiple times.

TMZ’s sources add that Drake has flown Sophie and Adonis to be with him, and the Grammy-winning rapper even charted a private jet for his son and baby mama on Christmas. See the photo below, taken on Christmas Eve, for proof:

Pusha T accused Drake of being a deadbeat dad in his diss track against the Candian rapper called “The Story of Adidon,” but if these TMZ reports are true, it sounds like he’s doing his part as a father … he just hasn’t publicly acknowledged the kid yet.

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